Reflection on Creativity and Invention




This video tells a story about a little boy from Kenya who shares his experience in coming up with a brilliant idea, and implementing it. Richard Turere, tells the story about his family traditions where the animals are sacred in his culture, therefore they respect the living beings. But he encountered several incidents where the lions eat his father’s cattle of cows. The people themselves started to hate lions for killing their cows, so Turere had to come up with alternative solutions to stop this slaughter from happening again. He thought about it and then tried to put a torch near the cows as a way to scare the lions, but that actually gave it a better vision to attack the cows. Turere went to plan B and thought of putting a scarecrow to keep the lions away from the herd. But he noticed that the lions are smart, it felt that the scarecrow isn’t moving, so it continued to attack the herd again. Until one night, Turere had to stay up the whole night with a flashlight, guarding the cows, and he noticed that the lions didn’t make a move when there’s someone walking around with a flashlight. So Turere had this “brilliant” idea!, he took a car battery and a blinker from a motorcycle and did a type of creativity that has to do with deforming the original body, to make a light bulb that flashes from the solar sun stored in the battery. He drew his plan and thought thoroughly till he implemented his drawing to the real world. From my opinion, this boy is a genius! and by genius I mean, creative, not smart in studying and such. And that’s what the world wants, young people thinking with alternatives instead of one. Thinking out of the box, by which I mean deforming the body, just like what Turere did with a car batter and a motorcycle blinker. This boy at last said that he used to hate lions, and now he invented a new thing because of the lions. This is a real lesson, don’t block the things you hate. Who knows? maybe those things you hate, are the reasons to keep you going, or even making you a famous person.

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